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"I am moving forward in my life and  making decisions that before your reading I felt paralyzed by my own doubt and uncertainty to make.  You have given me the gift of being able to trust myself...truly a priceless possession!  ...My gratitude spans the horizons, you are a gift of the Goddess for my heart and I wanted you to know that the gift was fully embraced and a lovely flower of self love and acceptance has sprouted and is beginning to bloom!"

Mistery Lofgren

"Remy's exquisite understanding of Astrology, infused with her ability to be profoundly present with her clients is such a gift...  As I sat with her during a particularly difficult time in my own life, I soon noticed how safe I felt with her.  ...I sensed I was in the company of a wise interpreter.  Her words left little markers for me to ponder in the dim starlight of my confusion.  ...As a psychotherapist of 36 years,...I know a great listener when I am with one.  And they are rare--believe me!  My trust in the quality of Remy's work makes it comfortable for me to refer my clients to her.  Many times we need to hear our own story in a way that comes to us from a different angle.  When that happens with someone who is holding us with care, the dim starlight of our confusion is suddenly illuminated with sacred fire!  And then--we will know our way home.

Victoria Jordan PhD.

Remy combines years of Astrology, energy work, and her own deep personal journey, to create a unique blend of wisdom and insight for her clients.  I've received three readings over the last nine months, and each has brought me closer to the truth of my experience.  The individual and relationship readings have both been invaluable in helping me to sort out some very challenging lifelong patterns.  Remy has shown compassion and wisdom, while encouraging me to continue with courage on the path of transformation that I am navigating.  I can recommend her work without reservation!

D'Arcy Reynolds


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