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Sacred Fire Astrology

Sacred Fire Astrology with Remy LindseyWhat is Sacred Fire Astrology?

Our birth charts represent our personal cosmology and mythology.  They are a blueprint or map for our lives which teach us about potential areas of grace, ease and challenges.  We are born to learn and grow.  Understanding our Astrological birth chart gives us knowledge of our soul path.   Through the clarity we receive with an Astrology reading we grow to have more compassion and acceptance for ourselves. When we see ourselves through this lens we have choice and the ability to “change our stars”.

We all have birth charts; in fact all of life has a birth chart.  Our charts are a personal mandala.  There are 10 planets and many Asteroids which we have in common.  Each of these has a unique expression.  They represent the varied aspects of our human nature.  None are better than the other.  There are planets which express our playfulness and joy and there are planets which take us to our knees in sorrow and grief.  That is what life involves.  When we attach ourselves to one area or another we suppress parts of ourselves.  Readings help us to understand our struggles and grace.  When we are able to see the bigger picture, the whole we are then able to attain a kind of mastery and choice in our lives.  Seeing and accepting ourselves in this way gives us more juice, more life energy to be our most authentic selves in the world. Cycles are another area where Astrology becomes very helpful.  Everything in life changes, evolves, dies and is reborn.  As we watch how the planets which move around the earth have impact in our lives we are able to understand the kinds of changes and experiences we might have.  In this way we are able to work with or co-create with our own cycles.

Kinds of Astrology readings offered:

  • Complete Birth Chart Readings are generally 90 minutes in length and look at current and projected transits and progressions.
  • Solar Return Readings give a look at the upcoming year and where your main focus and areas of attention will be. 60 minutes
  • Relationship Readings are very helpful in understanding the dynamics, areas of ease and challenge in any relationship.  They are useful for romantic partners, work partnerships, parents and many others. 90 minutes
Progressions are a part of any reading over 30 minutes.  This is a technique used in Astrology in order to “grow us up”.  Our charts evolve through time and overlay our original birth charts.

Transits look at where the planets are in current time and how they are impacting us. Transits are a part of any reading.

Re-location: The longitude and latitude where we live has impact on us from an Astrological perspective.  If you are considering moving somewhere it is helpful to see how that area will affect you.  This is currently a computer printout which is offered for $20.00

Event planning is helpful for weddings, parties, workshops, classes and all types of events.  This type of reading will help you decide when it is best to do the event, and for looking at and understanding the dynamics which may affect you and your group on any given day.  Time will vary from 30 to 60 minutes.

Readings are offered in person, by telephone or by Skype:

Any readings of 45 minutes and above will be recorded on a CD or e-mailed through an MP3 file
Shorter readings are issue based, focused only.  Most readings require 60 minutes or more.
Pricing; 90 minute readings are on a sliding scale of $110 to $150
60 minutes; $90.00
45 minutes; $60.00
30 minutes; $45.00
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