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Remy Lindsey

About Remy:

First and foremost, Remy is a healer who was born into an early childhood fraught with tragedy and trauma.  Even as a child she was very sensitive psychically and a strong empath.  Unable to fully comprehend the drama around her she found her comfort in worlds and connections with other dimensions and dimensional beings.

She is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and an empath. Her mediumship skills are well developed and she is able to help people work through concerns with those who have crossed over. Throughout her life she has sought healers and healed herself on multiple levels; emotional, physical and spiritual.  As she found the healing techniques which worked for her she offered and taught them to others.  In this fashion she developed herself as a teacher and healer.
She has assisted people and taught classes in:  Reichian work, Bioenergetics, Psychic and Shamanic healing techniques, Tarot and Astrology.  She became a certified Rosen Method bodywork practitioner in the 1980’s and combined this work with a form of Guided Imagery, similar to Shamanic healing. She is a retired Registered Nurse, who specialized in psychiatry, wellness & prevention.  In recent years she has studied with Jennifer Posada and Diana James.

Currently Remy offers readings & healing work of various kinds:  Sacred Fire Astrology, Clairvoyant Mediumship and Aromatic Alchemy.  She also teaches classes and writes a newsletter which is a monthly Astrology forecast and a monthly Astro-mythic story on the Full Moon.  She is a published author and is working on a book about spiritual healing from trauma and abuse.

With all of her heart Remy wishes to assist people in growing, gaining perspective, healing and loving themselves through all of life’s challenges.

Remy's Offerings:

About a Session with Remy:

Each session is different, each experience unique. She invites you to walk with her into the unknown and meet the unseen world where much can be accomplished.  

Initial sessions are generally 90 to 120 minutes in length and shorter sessions can be done as follow up to the initial session. Work can be done in person, by telephone or Skype. Cost is $90.00 per hour
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