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Cord Cutting

What is cord cutting?  Cord cutting consists of cutting or releasing etheric cords that connect you with someone else.  You are energetically connected to anyone you have a relationship with, including family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances in some way, whether it is healthy or harmful to your well being.

Thru a cord energy flows back & forth between you and the other person.  A cord by definition is a negative connection that can have adverse effects on your well being.  When corded in an unhealthy way,  these connections can negatively affect all areas of your life.  For example, your behavior may be influenced & controlled by the person you are connected to.  You may feel stuck or easily controlled or manipulated, depressed, low energy, drained or sad, depressed or uneasy in their presence.

If any of this sounds familiar, having a cord cutting will improve your emotional, spiritual & physical well being.

  • When is it appropriate to cut cords?  It is appropriate to cut cords anytime you are connected to someone that   impacts your emotional, mental, physical or spiritual well being.
  • Is the cord cutting process a painful one?  No.  It is not a painful process.  Most people find it liberating & empowering.  The emotional release can often let go of held energy, pent up sadness, anger guilt and other emotions that have been holding you back.
  • How long do cords stay attached?  They can last forever, unless they are disconnected, even if the other person has died.
  • After the cord has been cut, can it come back?  This is up to you, before a cord is cut it is important to explore your own attachments and whether you are honestly willing to cut this cord & attachment or not.  If you are sure and clear it won't come back.
  • Can you cut cords with people that are married or family members you are close to?  Yes.  This makes up the majority of clients.  It will not end your relationship with that person, just help you to have a more clear & healthy chance to have the relationship you would like to have with that person.  Like starting over fresh.
  • Does every relationship have cords that need cutting? No, not all relationships create cords that are negative or unhealthy. 

Cord cutting can be very helpful in so many situations.  It can be very helpful to anyone with sexual abuse.  It is very common for rape or incest survivors to remember the episode, and totally connect to the perpetrator.  Also people that have gone through a divorce or the death of a loved one or friend can benefit greatly from cord cutting.  Also cord cutting can be done in person or remotely by phone as needed.

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