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Clairvoyant Mediumship

Remy LindseyClairvoyant Mediumship and Healing with Remy

Remy brings her gifts as a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, an Empath and healer to everything she offers.  She can assist you through clearing your energy fields, aura and chakras and cord removal.   She is able to see and sense energetic forms which have permeated our bodies and remove them.  These forms are sometimes at the root of physical and emotional challenges.  Her presence and clarity allow high vibration energies to become available to her clients.  These energies bring light to what is most important for her client to know.  

She has discovered that many people heal through working with loved ones and people who have passed over.  Remy began communicating with spirits and beings from other realms over 30 years ago.  In every session she works with a group of her own spirit guides and those of her client.  Incredible healing can occur when we complete unfinished business with spirits.  Most spirits are positive and have good intentions.  Still there are those who are mischievous and even devilish.  She has worked with all kinds and brings a wealth of understanding, tools and techniques in order to remove or assist them in moving on.  

It is vital in this kind of work to create sacred space and do energetic clearings regularly.  Safety is her utmost concern for herself and her clients.  Not only does she create strong sacred space, she will teach you to do this for yourself.  Each session begins with clearings using Sage and Selenite wands.  A meditation is done which will helps her client feel relaxed, safe, grounded and open. Protective guides and angels are called in; spirit guides of all kinds from many different realms are asked to be present.

Then the work begins as Remy and her client explore what is needed at that particular time.  Each session is different, each experience unique.  She invites you to walk with her into the unknown and meet the unseen world where much can be accomplished.

About each Session:

Initial sessions are generally 90 to 120 minutes in length
Shorter sessions can be done as follow up to the initial session
Work can be done in person, by telephone or Skype
Cost is $90.00 per hour
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