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Aromatic Alchemy

Aromatic AlchemyWhat is Aromatic Alchemy?

David and Remy are both certified Aromatic Alchemists through Diana James “Academy of Sacred Arts and Science”.

Essential oils are potent plant medicines.  Each oil has its own plant spirit helpers. These helpers are present in the realms of fairies, elves & devas.  The oils take us deep into the unknown graceful beauty within ourselves in order to free up new energy, life force, healing and connection pertinent to our soul growth.  

In a session we will speak with you and find out what you’re most important desires and intentions are at this time in your life.  We will then use a Shamanic process, call in our guides & pick oils which will be able to best support you.  The oils are put into a blend which can contain an assortment of between 5 & 30 different oils, each with their own energy medicine.  The blend will be unique to you, made to order!

Then blended in a specific sacred manner we call in your own spirit guides and helpers to support you.  The oil is activated and we are given guidance on how many drops and how frequently to use it.

Our guides will name the oil for you.  You are usually given instructions for its use for a period for 28 days or more which has been shown to be the length of time necessary to initiate new behaviors in our lives.

About each Session:

Cost for an Aromatic Alchemy blend will depend on the length of time we speak with each person to discover what the focus needs to be.  Usual time involved will be 30 to 60 minutes.  Sessions can range in cost from $40 to $90.00, including the cost of the oil blend.
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