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David and Remy LindseyWe believe we are at the forefront of a new era in which we have the opportunity to live in a world based in Unconditional Love.  As we move from the Piscean to the Aquarian age we transition out of dominance over modality. This dominance is seen in our current political, religious, medical, educational and interpersonal constructs. The new evolving forms reflect unity consciousness as known in the emerging Age of Aquarius.  Old, worn out structures are crumbling before our eyes and new ones are cropping up all over the world. The new structures are based on an egalitarian world view.  We are all equals, not only with other people but with all of life.

In support of this transition, change occurs first and foremost from within each of us.  Our center supports the recognition & exploration of each person’s natural ability to grow & heal into their most beautiful authentic selves.  This occurs in part through coming to know, trust, listen to and receive the natural wisdom inherent in all of life. The energy that makes the trees grow and gives us our animation, we call it life force or divine wisdom.  This can & will involve healing on a deep emotional, spiritual & physical level, assisting us in fully knowing & expressing ourselves.  We are dedicated to personal empowerment, self-trust and co-creating a community & a world where each individual is encouraged in their unique self-expression & fullness.

Each of us has a special soul or spiritual purpose.  We enter life as a newborn aware of this soul knowing.  Life offers us the exact experiences needed in order for us to grow, mature and develop.  When we learn to truly love ourselves, to be gentle with ourselves, to move in directions which offer peace and pleasure we are more able to face and meet difficult situations.  Many people who have had very painful lives are called to be on a fast-track to self-awareness. Many challenges come through from past life or genetic imprints. Not only do we heal for ourselves but for our families and others through the Collective Unconscious as described by Dr. Carl Jung or Morphogenetic Fields as described by Rupert Sheldrake.  

Re-claiming, honoring and respecting our emotions, intuition & instinct is a crucial part of our current evolution.  We have so much to learn about these very important abilities. We all have and utilize them to varying degrees and in our culture; our rational mind has been valued over these aspects of ourselves. This has resulted in another kind of dominance.  Developing trusting & learning to rely on these abilities assists us in knowing who we are, how to navigate in our lives, what we need & how to make the next best choices.  We “Awaken” to a fuller, richer sense of ourselves.  Life becomes more personally intimate, more joyful.

Our center will help you to become an “Aquarian Heart Warrior”. Through individual work, classes and workshops we offer you support and tools to navigate in your new emergence. From deep self-love, trust and knowing we are able to connect with others on similar paths.  Then we have “Real” relationships & partnerships where women & men come together based on equality and mutual respect.

Life is a sacred adventure, let’s live it with passion, heart and integrity!

David’s background

Ever since childhood David has been able to see into the spirit world.  He found strength and guidance there.  Since he was eleven years old people in his life and strangers have come to him to share their problems and seek guidance.  David has always been able to listen with compassion and without judgment.  He has a deep desire to help with people’s traumatic experiences, fears and physical problems because he sees the absolute beauty that is each one of us.

As a child David began a journey that has continued throughout his life.  He sought out experiences which would help him to understand all that he can about the human condition.  He traveled broadly in order to understand different kinds of people, cultures and belief systems.  He has studied with several Native American Medicine people, psychics, shamans and other healers. Some of these have included Drunvalo Melchizedek, Jennifer Posada and Diana James.

David is a certified hypnotherapist, specializing in Alchemical hypnotherapy.  He is an Aromatic Alchemist, Somatic healer, Oracle and works with spirit guides.  His innate skills are that of a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and an empath.  David is adept at working with spirits.  He realizes each one of us is special and has individual healing needs.  Each session with him is unique to the needs of the individual he is working with.  David has a deep desire to help all with finding healing, love, compassion and perspective in their lives.  He wishes to see everyone living the joyous life which is our birthright.

Remy’s Background

First and foremost, Remy is a healer who was born into an early childhood fraught with tragedy and trauma.  Even as a child she was very sensitive psychically and a strong empath.  Unable to fully comprehend the drama around her she found her comfort in worlds and connections with other dimensions and dimensional beings.

She is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and an empath. Her mediumship skills are well developed and she is able to help people work through concerns with those who have crossed over. Throughout her life she has sought healers and healed herself on multiple levels; emotional, physical and spiritual.  As she found the healing techniques which worked for her she offered and taught them to others.  In this fashion she developed herself as a teacher and healer.
She has assisted people and taught classes in:  Reichian work, Bioenergetics, Psychic and Shamanic healing techniques, Tarot and Astrology.  She became a certified Rosen Method bodywork practitioner in the 1980’s and combined this work with a form of Guided Imagery, similar to Shamanic healing. She is a retired Registered Nurse, who specialized in psychiatry, wellness & prevention.  In recent years she has studied with Jennifer Posada and Diana James.

Currently Remy offers readings & healing work of various kinds:  Sacred Fire Astrology, Clairvoyant Mediumship and Aromatic Alchemy.  She also teaches classes and writes a newsletter which is a monthly Astrology forecast and a monthly Astro-mythic story on the Full Moon.  She is a published author and is working on a book about spiritual healing from trauma and abuse.

With all of her heart Remy wishes to assist people in growing, gaining perspective, healing and loving themselves through all of life’s challenges.

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